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IBS flare ups, can't cope

I am new here, I had a very bad flare up nearly three years ago which took me two years to settle in the end with further tests and hospital visits to ensure only IBS still and a lot of messing with food and trying to eat again as I began to hate food, well I've spent the last 7 months feeing like I have my IBS under some control (medication and diet controlled) until the last week, my stomach has swollen up again, excessive gas, sulphur burps and then odd loose bowels, I have become so down and low and worried I won't be able to go out again and will be off work again that I think I'm making it worse! I'm terrified of having a long bout of it again it took control of my life and I became obsessed with toilets and what I ate. Any advice how I can stop this flare up or what to control the flare up better.

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Hello Carlalou,

I understand totally what you are saying. I had IBS for 25 years, but I got rid of it, so there is hope- and a blog that may help you along the way. The worry your IBS is causing is making things worse. To start off with, try to make it your priority to try to reduce your level of worry. This is much easier said than done I know, but if you work at it, it can really help reduce symptoms and feel more equipped to deal with things. Have a look at this post sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

I also recommend the Calm.com free mindfulness program.

If you haven't tried any alternative therapies, I would recommend Reiki. Not a miracle cure, but this did improve things for me.

Letting go of stress and emotions is an important first step in getting rid of your IBS.

Hope this helps,


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