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Good morning to all you fellow sufferers out there,

I always read the posts that all of us put on here n feel very lucky that I don't suffer anywhere near as much as some of you do.

I have a question , not wishing to go into more graphic detail, when I need the loo, urgent, usually out walking my dog, it's just like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.... Anyone else have this ?

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I've read several posts about this on here and have a friend with the same problem; she describes it as 'pencil poo'.

After a defecating proctogram, she was told she has intussusception and rectocele either or both of which were probably responsible for this.

I too have the above conditions, but don't get the thin stools. In my case it/they cause incomplete bowel evacuation which I'm attempting to counteract, on the advice of my colorectal consultant, by using an electronic pelvic floor toner. Much to my surprise, this is actually having an extremely beneficial effect.

Apparently there are countless reasons for thin stools including diverticular, narrowing of part of the colon, large polyps - even haemorrhoids can be the guilty party.

If you haven't had a defecating proctogram, I highly recommend you ask for one as the results can be quite enlightening.


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Just googled " toothpaste type stool " n every site I looked at said this was how a perfectly normal stool should be ?....


Perhaps I've misunderstood you. Do you mean stools are of a toothpaste consistency (in which case, you're right and that's quite normal) or that they're long and thin? I thought you meant the latter, sorry if I got it wrong.


Looks like I'm normal !! Wot a relief but still doesn't help me with the urgency when out walking. Have to dive into the bushes !😱😱

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I know you've been on the site for a long time so I expect you've tried all the food elimination advice to no avail so I won't mention those! I'm sure you must have tried Imodium Instants too.

However, a few months ago Shon48 posted on here about how Phenergan tablets had stopped her mad dashes to the bathroom (or wherever!) and they've been very successful for me too. Do you know about these?


Googled Phenergan but cos of medications I regularly take, can't take this..😞