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Has anyone tried keeping a daily food diary? I've attempted this a few times but always forget to keep it up! It may be a good thing for all of us to keep a detailed daily log of EVERYTHING, including food, drink, loo visits, general activities and emotions. If we do this for, say 1month, maybe a pattern will emerge? Obviously you would have it with you constantly so you don't miss anything. I'm starting today, here's hoping..

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  • I think thats probably a good idea but like you I forget, then you end up wondering whats caused the problem this time. I will try and get myself organised to do it myself, Im sure it would help.

  • Good luck ☺️

  • Hi Ellyrose, last summer my IBS-d was really bad, started up again mainly due to stress. I kept a diary for about four months. I recorded everything from my mood on waking, food, drink, even type of poo and time of visit to loo. It was interesting and it did help me see what food gives me diarrhoea (tomato pasta sauce, chocolate, onions). I stopped in the end because I got a bit too obsessive about it!

  • I do & I think it really helps. I want to try & forget all my problems & was worried initially that keeping a record would mean I was going to think about it even more but it's quite the opposite. Once you've written it down you don't have to remember it. You can download charts or just make your own to suit you. Try it for a month and see. Good luck.

  • I did a food diary with a cheap IBS ap on a smartphone. It cost a couple of bucks but was worth it. Also write down symptoms as someone mentioned above, including stool type, bloating, pain etc. As well as times, exercise, mood etc. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your replies, I will give it a go!

  • I kept a food diary aftery diagnosis as I had an inkling that dairy was my intolerance - and so it proved - as I omitted it from my diet, with trial an error of lactose free milk and cheese Which didn't work for me, within 3 weeks I was 'normal'.

    So at the age of 65 I started a completely dairy free diet and my symptoms are kept at bay but I don't keep a diary now

  • I completed a four week diary before seeing my GP as I guessed they'd ask me to do one to assist the diagnosis. Turns out it helped and the GP diagnosed IBS straight away. I used a free app on my smartphone so I had it with me at all times. Good luck with it.

  • I keep a food diary on and off and have done for a few years. I use myfitnesspal which can also record exercise. I printed it off when I saw the dietitian and it was very useful

  • I kept 3 food and symptoms diary over the period of 3 years. I was advised to do this and then asked to do this by medical proffessionals. Uh, gave up it didn't help me and worse after all the effort they chucked the diary aside. Especially one consultant who throw it across the room because he's "not interested" in that kind of thing. Miserable!!

  • I never really lied the sound of a diary per se but trying the elimination diet - FODMAP and then keeping a diary of introducing foods in isolation made sense with a diary - for me as the proffessionals interest wavers. Then finding out individual 'good foods' and bad foods for me I then could try more than one at a time and record progress. It is an excessively arduous task, nut ultimately helpful - unfortunately it is a getting to me at the mo and I am faltering a little, I just want a life not directed by this condition.....

  • sorry for typos - ie I never 'liked ' the diary approach......'but' ultimately helpful

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