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How were you told about your/your loved ones brain tumour diagnosis?

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Via phone and I quote "you didn't have a stroke, you have a meningioma. That's a form of mostly benign brain tumor. If you want more information, just Google it. You are discharged from the stroke clinic and referred to the neurosurgeon. Good bye."

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KazBlue in reply to BirgitAllport

I had similar so callously The doc was a total ass.

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I was sent a referral letter to see a neurosurgeon and that’s when I realised, sat on my own at home, that they were now thinking tumour!

I was told over email three days after Mum was in emergency. It couldn’t have been more unprofessional. And they told Mum she needed surgery or would die without her having hearing aids in (they wouldn’t accept battery delivery) and refused to explain anything or even giving her time to think.

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I was told over the phone by another neurologist. He phoned me whilst my neurologist was on maternity leave & I'd just had my 3rd mri done. He explained all 3 scans were reviewed & they'd come to the conclusion that I had a meningioma. He said he was telling me this as he thought I should know everything. I was out for lunch with a few friends when I got the phone call. I'm now at the stage where I'm waiting to see the neurosurgeon to decide what the next step will be. I know my brain tumor is only 1.3cm at the moment & can grow to 5cm, its a very slow growing tumor & hasn't grown since the first mri was done, so I guess that's reassuring. It's just one of those things life throws at you. Got to try stay positive about it.

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I didnt get any of the above as was told rather carelessly over the phone while I was outside a hospital with my partner in surgery. The doc didnt check if I was sitting down or nothing.