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My fiancé has had swelling in one testicle and a lump in the other for over 2 years, he's going to the doctors

After I made the appointment for him as he is a man who is quite private and thought that if he ignored the issue it would go away. I've looked up the causes for these symptoms and obviously testicular cancer Is always mentioned. I'm scared, but I know that I'd this is worst case scenario I have to be strong for our two children and for him. Has anyone dealt with / currently dealing with testicular cancer, either you, a family member, a friend? How do I support him without letting my own fears get in the way. Even going to the doctor he's scared. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi, sorry only just seen this post, has it been sorted now?


The thing to do is see a urologist. If there is swelling in conjunction with the pain there is a good chance you may have what is called a hydrocele, which is a gathering of wated around the testicle. Also, another possibility with similar symptoms is a spermatocele; which is a gathering of seminal fluid around the testicle. A good way to self check is to take a strong flashlight and hold it to the bottom of the enlarged testicle. If you can see tgrough then the likeliness of a hyrocele/spermatocele is high. I am not a doctor nor a professional so I do strongly recommend that you seek professional medical help. Simply open the yellow pages and find a urologist. Hope that helps!


Hi there, sorry it's taken me so long to reply, he was given a strong antibiotic for 5 weeks and the lump has gone - to my knowledge x the dr said it was an infection.