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On Going Problem, Gp seem completely useless

I've had an ongoing problem which has been affecting me for over 10 years. It's to do with my prostate i think but could possibly be my bowels. It started 10 years ago when i was 18, i started having difficulty passing stools and having premature ejaculations and pain upon ejaculation. the problem has persisted and gotten worse and i fear spread to different parts of my body. Initially i started to get funny feelings in my stomach and had mucus in my stool and a few times there was blood, also my testicles would ache.

I went to the GP numerous times, had prostate examinations and a glass thing up my bum. i think to date i've probably had around 20 digitals which are horrible everytime. Around 3 or four years ago i started to feel a blockage on ejaculation and my sperm changed in appearance and texture from normal to a mixture of sluggish blobs and merky looking liquid, i also developed granuloma in my testicle region which are painful when touched. Further gp tests, and i asked for an ultrasound on my testicles which showed a varicocele. I had an operation which partially blocks the flow to the testicle, the opp stopped the testicle pain and also stopped the funny pains in my stomach, but after the opp i started to get extremely bad pains and aches in my chest. It feels like my heart is getting blocked up, i get this feeling any time of the day. and my lungs feel like they are being lined with something which hurts alot especially in the morning. Further to this i started to get a funny generalised numbness in my back, which started off as a tingly pain but then turned to a full on bone problem. I think possibly arthritus.

I can't visit my gp and explain all of this is one session let alone two and it's been going on so long they just send me for more of the same when i mention anything, on top of this they sent me to a lung specialist who instructed them to send me to a bone specialist which they decided not to bother to do instead they are sending me to see a physio regarding my back and chest pains. In my opinion whats happened seems pretty straight forward, i think i have prostate stones which have caused my epidermis to burst causing sperm to leak into my body after ejaculation. I think the operation i had has altered the blood flow in my body leading this sperm to other places, lungs/heart and also causing my immune system to go into overload leading to the arthritus.

I'm not a doctor and i have no idea how to get this problem fixed, attempts to go through my gp seem pointless and the problem has gradually gotten worse over 10 years to the point where i'm having chest pains daily aching pretty much all over and i can't make love to my girlfriend for more than a minute, or take a dump without some sort of discomfort.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i'm pretty much out of idea's, i've though about going private to get an mri of my prostate/colon and chest but don't have enough money.

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It sounds like you need to go back to your GP and discuss either referring you to the bone specialist as was discussed with the lung specialist or asking if there is another avenue of investigation worth pursuing. Have you discussed what you have mentioned here with the GP, perhaps this would also be wise so that he could discuss with you whether this is a possibility and again if so how it can be treated. You might consider printing your post out and taking it with you as it sums up how you are feeling at present