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Would you like to help improve breast care services?

We are undertaking a study, supported by Tenovus, that aims to help improve breast care services and prostheses for women who have had breast cancer.

We would like to hear from women, particularly in the Cardiff/Swansea region, who have experiences of being fitted with, or wearing a prosthesis. We would also like to hear from those who have chosen breast reconstruction due to worries over wearing a prosthesis. You will have the chance to provide valuable insights that will inform the development of improved prostheses and medical consultation services.

There are three opportunities to engage with the study:

- A journey mapping exercise. This will be a relaxed, group exercise designed to map the process of prosthesis delivery and understand the key values from a user perspective. It will take approximately 2hrs.

- Diaries. This would involve self-recording of daily activities (by video, note taking and audio as appropriate) at your convenience over 2 weeks. Telephone support will be offered.

- Post diary interviews. A de-brief interview would provide a further opportunity for you to inform us of any other information you may wish to add or remove from the diary.

We would also like to hear from those who have experiences of breast prostheses, but cannot attend the exercises. Views, opinions and insight will all assist our research.

Further details can be found at cartis.org/tenovus/