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Mother - died age 51 breast, lung, brain cancer. Uncle - died age 62 throat cancer (non smoker). Grandmother - died age 82 Angina. Grandfather - died 77 - throat and lung cancer. Father currently in remission prostate cancer, age 73. My age - 44 - what likelihood cancer? I am mild smoker, vegetarian, 2hrs/day excercise.

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G Coetzee

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Large Study Reveals Increased Cancer Risks Associated With Family History of the Disease


“Results from the study supported known associations, such as the increased risk of developing the same cancer as a close relative, and the 1.5-fold increased risk of breast cancer in women with a history of colorectal cancer in the family. However, the study also found a 3.3-fold increased risk of developing oral and pharyngeal cancer among people who had a first-degree relative with cancer of the larynx, and a four-fold increased risk of cancer of the gullet (esophageal cancer) where a first-degree relative had oral or pharyngeal cancer. If a first-degree relative had breast cancer, female family members had a 2.3-fold increased risk of ovarian cancer. Family members had a 3.4-fold increased risk of prostate cancer if a first-degree relative had bladder cancer.”

It is also known that non-smoking & exercise reduces the risk; as does optimised Vit.D, low/non-alcohol, little/no red meat, little/no fast carbs. So tho' familial cancers up the risk, your other factors reduce it. As to the balance, this is unknown to date - despite my pestering cancer researchers to check these from their cancer data bases (the difficulty is both measuring regularly and altering said data-bases).

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