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Tb treatment side effects


How much weight gain did you guys get from tb treatment ?

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Hello Gregfor - I didn’t gain anything, as far as I am aware it’s not something that is common

I gained 23 lbs..even though I barely had an Appt. I swear everything I ate stuck to me.

I lost 2 stone quickly when I was ill and it took time to put it back on but I went back to my Prè-TB weight by the end of treatment. I was told it was a good sign that the treatment was working.

I Gregfor. I lost weight, it suppressed my appetite & I didn’t eat quite my normal amount. I just felt fuller quicker.

I also lost weight - 75Kg to 65Kg. This after 2 months of hospital and hospice. In fact just looking at my stomach, you'd think I was in a prison camp.

hey Gregfor!

I am still on my TB treatment and I am happy to say that I have gained around 3 and half kg's of weight. My weight did some up and down but it is increasing slowly

Hi I lost over 2 stone in weight, but after 6 months of treatment I put on a stone an feel healthier with the weight gain, I’ll probably gain more as still have another 6 months of treatment to go yet

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