It's Sweet's Syndrome UK Day!

It's Sweet's Syndrome UK Day!

Today is Sweet's Syndrome UK Day and the 5th anniversary of Sweet's Syndrome UK! :-)

Our blog post to help spread awareness of Sweet's syndrome (SS) on this day is about the challenges that those with SS can face.

Please feel free to leave a comment here or below the blog post mentioning a difficulty that you have faced as someone with SS, or as someone who has supported a friend or family member with this condition.

Link to blog post: helpforsweetssyndromeuk.wor...

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  • I've experienced many of the difficulties listed on the blog post, but also doctors not telling me or understanding that some of my health problems were being directly caused by SS, e.g. repeat episodes of conjunctivitis that didn't respond to antibiotic eye drops.

  • Some Sweeties have started adding some interesting comments to the blog post, mentioning some challenges and difficulties they've faced that haven't been mentioned in the post.

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