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Someone to talk or whatsapp about overesting or eating with no control?


I am 25, and since I rembember I have been having issues with food. I have always wanted to be slimer. When I was 18 I went for the first to a psychiatrist to talk about my relationship with food. It was not anything relly extreme, however I was taking Prozac (or Fluexetine) to control my overeating due to I used to eat with no reason.

After 2 year taking those pills I gave up because I was fine, I lost weight and ate properly.

One year ago I moved to England to look for a job. Now I have really good job but during the job seeking, moving in a new country and the changes I have gained weight again.

I went to my GP, here in UK, and I have started again taking the pills but I am still struggling with food. Some days I eat, eat and eat and I do not feel full.

I have realized that that days happen when I am going to do something new that cause me streess. But really silly things as:

When I am excited about going out for dancing (I love dancing) with some friend

When I used to have boyfriend and I was waiting for his reply to my whatsapp

When I have organized a travel at the day of traveling is coming

If I have a date with guy or when I know that the guy which I like is gonna be in the same friends meeting.

When the next day I work I have to do something kind of significant

So, I do not how to cope my emotions and food in this sutuations,

Have someone to talk about with, I think it would be hepful.

For example, when I am at home I feel I want chocolate or bread and send I whatsapp to have someone to talk with about that situation in that moment.

I do not know, I am quite fed of this situation. I do not like to spend the whole day thinkin about what eating or not eating.

If someone want to have a chat about this or about other similar issues, just let me know.


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i really relate to your situation..

i used to have anorexia, but without proper recovery steps, i binged my way to 25 kgs later.

i am perceived as having a "normal, healthy" weight now, but i am still incredibly insecure and unsure about my body.

i still struggle with compulsive overeating. it's like a vicious cycle that i can't break.

I share the same sentiment. I just wish i would stop thinking about food, whether i had too much of it, or i should have less of it, or if it is ruining my life.

I would love to whatsapp to talk to you, so that i do not lose my mind. :(


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