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For all the hurt you caused me

I forgive you,

For the tears I shed and pain I felt

I forgive you,

For the childhood lost and aching heart,

I forgive you,

For the lies you told and pain you caused,

I forgive you,

For the anger I aimed towards myself,

I forgive you,

For making me feel bad and dirty,

I forgive you.

but I wont forget......


For not nurturing my body,

I forgive myself,

For abusing my body,

I forgive myself.

and I choose to remember,

for I am worthy of the love of myself.

J xx

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Thanyou cupcake for sharing such a personal & moving poem- forgiveness is so hard, & yet without it, it's hard to find freedom.


Thanks for sharing this. I have not been able to find that forgiveness yet. Perhaps one day....


Rose, Forgiveness I think comes with acceptance of what has been and acceptance of yourself. Not an easy thing but I believe it to be a transition.


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