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This is me...a brief introduction

My first blog....where do I start?

I developed an eating disorder at a very young age. It took me many years to ask for help and when I did I ran away from that help. I have yo-yo-ed between between recovery and relapse over the years and currently I am in the middle of yet another relapse.

Not too long ago I was diagnosed with a personality disorder, I struggle with this diagnosis and the stigma that is attached to it.

Then there is my depression. My mum suffered (and still does) with depression. She always refused to get help for it. This had a very negative impact on the family and that is why I have tried many different anti-depressants to find the one the suits me. I am still looking.

There maybe a lot of negatives in my life but there are many more positives. I hope to be able to share these in the future.

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Thankyou for introducing yourself-It's great to have you as part of this community


Hey, I'm new on here too and your blog was the first I've read :-) Look forward to hearing your possitives in the future :-)


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