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Welcome Blog!

Welcome to the Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association Health Unlocked


The idea behind this community is to provide a space where you can share your experience, support one another, and become better informed about eating disorders.

Feel free to start commenting, asking questions and answering questions & polls posted by SWEDA & the community. We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Our blog is a space where you can express anything to do with how eating disorders are affecting your life. It can really help to share what's going on, and get other's feedback. Don't feel you have to write a lot, short comments are fine.

A Great Source of Information about eating disorders:

Many of you are probably aware of NHS Choices as a resource for information about

eating disorders, but if you aren’t you can find a basic overview here: nhs.uk/conditions/Eating-di...

You can also find some great information on our website here: swedauk.org/

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Is this going to be instead of the usual message boards? I'm confused why the change..


Hi Fluffbum,

HealthUnlocked is designed to be a one-stop site where people can find out about a range of conditions and be signposted to more information/support.The Sweda website & it's message board will continue to run alongside the healthunlocked space. The Sweda board is very much a peer support space, where sufferers can share with one-another with minimal involvement from Sweda. What HealthUnlocked provides is a much more focused community, with the opportunity to give one-another specific feedback on health-related questions.

I hope that answers you question.


I am a bit confused too. What is going to happen to the SWEDA board? Is it going to be phased out? What advantages does this site have over the normal SWEDA site?


Hi Scottish Rose, I hope what we've said above answers your question- if it's still not clear, do post again.


I have had a good look around the health unlocked site. Thanks for explaining things.


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