I'm unsure if i have an eating disorder

For the past few years I've desperately been trying to gain weight, (I'm currently 94lbs), and about a year or two ago I started starving myself for long periods of time before eating a lot because I'd been told that it would make me gain weight. I still do this now and I just can't stop, because its seemed to work. (I used to be less than 85lbs)

I know that its really unhealthy for me and I know I need help, but I dont know if this is classed as an eating disorder.

Is it?

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i would say that your eating habits are not normal but i would say it does not sound like you are suffering with an eating disorder as such. Rather than therapy which is recommended for those with eating disorders it sounds like you should seek help from a nutritionist who could help you gain weight in a healthier, perhaps more successful way. If you feel guilt or shame when eating, or if you feel there may be an underlying emotional factor to why your eating patterns are irregular, i would suggest going to your GP who can set up an assessment to see if you have an eating disorder and to decide the next step to recovery. 

Hope this helps!


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