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Hi Am new here

My younger sister have just been disgnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus. She complians of tiredness, swollen feet and pains on her chest. After series of tests, she was disgnosed with the above mentioned and the doc said said her kidney is notfunctioning proper hence the swollen foot and that she has a swollen heart but placed on some medications to help manage it with monthly visitation to see the doctor. I never heared of this and went on Google to search for it as i was scared of losing my sister.

I found this forum and was thinking i could hear from people who suffer same to know how they manage it. Unfortunately, my sister lives in Nigeria.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Lupus is a chronic condition and it can attack organs. The severity of the disease varies a lot between patients. As long as your sister is being monitored by a doctor and on medication it's possible to keep her stable.

There's a lot of frightening (and often incorrect) information on the internet so please be careful of where you get information. I don't know if you have visited our website but please do as there's up to date information there: lupus.org.uk. We also have a facebook page with more information and where you can ask questions of others in your situation: facebook.com/StThomasLupusT...

One of the best things to do is to try and support your sister, lupus can cause extreme fatigue and depression so to try and help her whenever you can would help.

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Thanks you so much.. I am supporting her as much as i can

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