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Support groups where teenagers can chat?


My daughter has been diagnosed with POTS and sometimes spends days/weeks without contact from the outside world, is there such a thing as a forum where teenagers can join and post comments or chat etc to feel they are not alone?

she is becoming more and more isolated and cannot attend school and her peers don't contact her anymore as she isn't able to join in on any event or shopping trip etc, its such an invisible problem that people find it hard to sympathise so hoping there is some sort of group where others suffering can chat and support each other with positive stories especially when that day may have been a very negative day, or likewise, a very positive day to encourage each other. only POTS sufferers can give that support because they know how their days are and how each day/minute is different, can anyone offer advise on if such a support group for the kids exists or how maybe we could start one for them?

any advice as a worried Mum would be greatly received :-)

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I am a member of the POTS Support group uk on Facebook, she could join that? There are over 2000 members who post on there daily offering advice and support to each other. I only found it this year, wish I'd have known 2 years ago when diagnosed x

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