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Earlier this evening my son was standing watching his favourite cartoon and holding a toy car in his hands. I just looked up in time to see him faint. He was only out for about 3 seconds and came round himself and was a bit confused. He was back to normal after he came round and was running around. He has never fainted before!

He was born premature at 29 weeks but doesn't have any problems except for asthma. He caught up within the first year and now at 3 he is slightly tall for his age. I have never seen a child faint before and it has really scared me!

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Hi my son did this at 2 years bumped his head. Took him to hospital he checked out fine. Now hes 4 years old has had two bad episodes one during vaccinations where the doctor thought his heart had stopped and gave him cpr. The paediatric cardiologist tells me his heart goes so slow they cant feel it. Its terrifying. They will probably tell u he is holding his breath. Only u know him so if it doesnt feel right go see a specialist. Its not very well known and i think the doctors have trouble with diagnosis. We are in australia and its not very common. My son has salt in his diet and cant miss a meal. Fingerss crossed we are 6 months and no more episode's but i keep strict control o his food increased salt and iron as the specialist told me it could be an iron deficiency. I call the ambulance...dont be afraid to do the same. Its not normal and at least in emergency u get your tests done quicker.

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Thanks. It's quite reassuring hearing that.

My son never banged his head or had any injury or anything. He had just finished his supper, was watching his fave cartoon programme and then just suddenly fainted. He was out for a matter of seconds, came around and was absolutely fine and started terrorising the place again. Haha! Luckily we haven't had another episode since this one and he seems absolutely fine. No change in him at all. I am hoping it was a one off thing but I am watching him like a hawk now. I have problems with fainting so know the warning signs to look out for.

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my husband has the fainting as well so we were told it runs in the family.


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