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Cycling Low SP02


I don't know if anyone here can help me figure this out, but for the better part of the past year it was found that my sp02 level precipitously drops with activity. Unfortunately, it has been impossible to predict when it will happen and when it won't, so the cause hasn't been figured out.

I was in a fender bender yesterday that resulted in me spending a couple hours at the ER. While I was hooked up to their monitors the sp02 meter alarm kept going off. Weirdly, all of the personnel dismissed or ignored it every time it happened. It took me awhile to realize it was my oxygen level that was causing the alarm to sound. The monitor was behind me so I wasn't looking at it much. But when I did finally turn around to see what was causing the incessant noise, I watched as my sp02 dropped all the way down to 66% and then began climbing back up again.

When I finally asked a nurse about it, he said it was probably due to the blood pressure cuff. So I pointed out that it was happening even when the cuff wasn't inflated. He told that it still didn't matter unless I was having trouble breathing. So I countered that I was feeling both weak and dizzy (both also being signs of hypoxia) and he sort of shrugged it off anyway.

The fact that it was cycling so drastically while I was just sitting still sort of alarms me, since I had previously only had a problem with it when walking around. Could the car accident somehow have triggered it to be worse?

Also, why the heck do they monitor sp02 if everyone is just going to ignore it?

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