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Can't get help

Hi , I've been having very strange symptoms for a while listed below



Chest pain 


Almost passing out

Shoulder and neck pain


Facial pain


Digestive problems

Heart rate goes up 20+ beats on standing

I've seen a cardiologist and had test which were normal but he did mention POTS but said there is not point testing for it as nothing could be done to help it.

I asked a nurse and he said the same , my GP just looked at me like I was mad and stuck me on anti depressants.

I'm so confused , just want an ansewer😕

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From the symptoms you share, I can appreciate why your consultant has discussed the possibility that you may have PoTS. You do not say what tests you have been given. The tilt table test is often requested. It is an autonomic test to induce an attack while the patient is connected to heart and blood pressure monitors. There are a number of self-help methods that can help you manage this debilitating condition. Diet and exercise can also help and some consultants do suggest medication.

If you would like to receive our PoTS booklet and discuss your concerns, please email info@stars.org.uk and we will try to help.

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Thank you for responding to my question.

I have not had the tilt table test, I've had an echo, stress test and holter monitor.

I have emailed you for the booklet. 



Did your doctors do any blood tests? If so, it would be a good idea to request a copy of the results (make sure they include the reference ranges too!). If it isn't POTS, there may be an anemia that was overlooked.


I've had blood tests I was B12 deficient but didn't have anaemia . I've been having b12 injections since January. 

I also refuse to take anti depressants It's just personal choice I use the Linden method to help with any anxiety I may face. 

My GPs change constantly you never see the same person so you don't ever build up a bond with them. I have to wait to see a specialist on the NHS I have an appointment in a weeks time I've been waiting 12 weeks to see him. I also have good support from my friends and family they understand and help me in anyway they can. 

Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it. Xxx


Try a new Dr. possibly a family Dr that has more time to spend with you. You have many Heath concerns which need addressing. A specialist is usually consulted for diagnosis of a person's problem but they most often are in high demand and don't have the time to spend with you that you need. A General practitioner or family Dr who will accept new patients might be able to spend more time with you.  You need reassurance and someone whom you trust to listen to your concerns. Probably you have tried that route already


Putting you on antidepressants is sometimes necessary in a lot of unknown physical problems. We as humans are not just bodies to be diagnosed and fixed, we are human beings with thoughts, emotions, feelings, family concerns or lack of a supportive family member or friend. Antidepressants, anti anxiety medications can help you to cope while you are looking for answers. 

My Dr just yesterday put me on Xyprexa for the way I was feeling after being diagnosed with a condition called Vasovagal Syndrome. My BP and pulse has been all over the place. I have trouble walking without hand support of a wall or chair. My heart rate for 10 days was between 47-119. BP checked at the same time was constantly abnormal. I called 911 and in the ambulance my ECG had abnormally low 'Waves'. Repeated in Emerg it was normal. I have been dizzy, faint, unsteady, and had numbness in my buttocks when sitting at the computer more than 30 minutes . I also experienced numbness of my left lower leg when walking as though I had no foot or calf of the leg and nearly fell getting to a chair. I saw my family Dr whom I have known for 5 years and I trust him. I am willing to try this Xyprexa as otherwise I am going to have a stroke or heart attack and die as both of my parents did, Dad at 57, Mom at 77. I am now 76 She died in 1996 of Heartblock. I wish you the best Good luck.


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