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What is Wrong with me?

I'm 17 nd I faint pretty much every week nd it can be more than once a week as well , I'm under investigation but has not got diagnosed with anything yet , the doctors can't seem to work out what's wrong , I have landed myself in hospital serverel times as I faint pretty much anywhere/everywhere , down the stairs , car parks , out of the car door , I even faint wen I'm sitting down , but every visit to the A&E always ends the same way , thankfully I have just had bruises due to my faints nd nothing too serioues , but they do harm me not just physically but mentally as well. It's time consuming I feel like it's taking over my life nd losing my independence nd for a teenager that is devastating , at school I'm on staff to staff pretty much have to be followed everywhere. I had my last big faint last Monday I was out for an hour nd that has never happens before but again the doctors at the hospital was at a loss , atm im a mystery , somtimes I know that my faints are coming on what helps me to try nd get in to a safe place but other times they just come out of no where , life is a very dangorues place for me atm nd im just dying for awnswers!!!

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My daughter is also 17 and she blacks out up to 40 times a day, she was diagnosed,after 5 years with, disociative attacks. She was diagnosed by a specialist Neurologist who spent 5 minutes with her before diagnosing her, she has been in and out of hospital and needs 24 hour care as like you she can go doing anywhere and with no warning. Sounds like your school are much more helpful as hers refuse to provide anyone to even go from class to class with her so she is dependant on her friends for this, push for neurology appointment, first one we got dismissed her without tests but cardiologist re refered her after a negative tilt table test, hope this helps even if it only lets you know you are not alone xxx


Hi there, my son was losing consciousness but taking a long time to recover. It's taken us years to find a diagnosis and on Monday we had one with all the evidence needed to now get support for him.

Could you ask your GP to refer you for tests? You will need a top to toe set of them for your blood, scans, heart tests (echocardiogram and ECG's plus a 24 hour ECG) and an EEG which is looking at your brain wave activity. A full history from a heart Dr and Brain Dr ( neurologist). This will cover all aspects of your symptoms.

I forgot to add in to. The heart tests, to ask for a tilt table test. this will also uncover if it's your heart rhythm or your brain rhythm ( when you also have the EEG) which may be responsible for your fainting.

Check your diet and blood glucose levels, drink plenty of water, is your weight ok for your Height? Your GP will look at all of this.

Good luck with it all. It will take time but a thoughrough check up will reveal or exclude any issues so you can find a better quality of life.



Have you heard of neurocardiogenic syncope? I have this and it sounds exactly like your signs and symptoms.


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