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Dissociative attacks

Does anyone on here suffer these, my daughter is getting worse with this she can have anything between 4-30+ blackouts in a day, just wondering if anyone has had any successful treatment for this and if so what, feel I am banging my head off a brick wall as her consultant seems unwilling to do anything at the moment and is not seeing her for another 5 months. She has been sent to hospital by our GP several times but they just send her home again after checking for infection MRI was normal. Any help would be much appreciated. X

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Hi Kirsty. I was diagnosed some 8 years ago with Neurocardiogenic Syncope. Essentially I was passing out on a fairly regular basis - mostly situational.

I was diagnosed via a tilt table test at the cardiology clinic.

I was first prescribed midodrine, however they really started to cause me problems. For the last 1.5 years or so I have been prescribed fludrocortisone, which have been amazing. I still et plenty of pre-syncopial attacks, but very rarely do I fully pass out. Once every 2-3 months now i'd say.


Thank you for your reply, want to go at them with an idea of what is available as fed up hitting a brick wall x


Dear Kirsty - I can totally understand your frustration as dissociative seizures are involuntary and happen unconsciously. The individual has no control. Has the consultant or GP discussed possible anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication perhaps? Psychological therapies like cognitive behaviour therapy are very helpful - has this been suggested?

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Both were discussed last week but consultant decided to hold off till he sees her again, he is not seeing her till February , she is getting worse and has not been at school for more than a week as can't get her there without multiple attacks happening. GP wants her on something but has to wait for consultants letter to come in , then going to phone and see what she can be given x


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