Fluctuating heart rate

I've been monitoring my heart rate for a little while as I've had difficulty being upright. What I noticed is that my heart rate seems to fluctuate greatly. I'm talking anywhere from 65-110 bpm. This happens either when I'm walking or standing still. The only time my heart rate seems to be maintain a better more consistent number is when I'm lying down it will beat between 40-50 bpm. Although as long as I remain standing or moving my heart monitor shows drops and increases of over 40 bpm all the time. At one point I thought my pulse rate monitor wasn't working correctly so I asked my Mum to wear it to compare results. She had a sustained heart rate of between 80-83 bpm. I asked her to walk around home and it reached 90-95 bpm while walking and came down to 80-83 when she stood still. So why does my heart rate do this? My heart rate is never sustained as long as I'm upright. It can go from 67 to 103 then drop to 80 then increase to 97 then drop again to 63 then increase to 79, that's all from just standing still. It's like that all the time. I want to add that I do find it difficult to remain upright, moving around makes it easier but does not get rid of it.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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Since I first posted I have had a number of falls and episodes. It now seems that my heart rate was also fluctuating between 35 to 200 and sometimes at the lower end "cutting out", even when doing nothing at all! Hence my many falls. After the last one my implanted Cardiac monitor showed the "cut outs" and I was fitted with a dual chamber pacemaker. Problem solved! Hope yours is too


I am only a patient but if your BPM is anything lower than 50..I would be worried. I had episodes of these myself.



Does the implanted cardiac monitor leave any scar tissues?

Thank you.


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