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I'm so tired of going to dr after dr, I'm wearing a heart trac right now n have to wear it for 1 month, I have, lots of health problems but

Since oct 31 I quit breathing after physical therapy since then I have had every test imaginable, pass out, swimmy headed, blackouts, low bp but my cardiologist says my heart looks great no blockage, but they haven't done n arteriogram yet because I have a brain aneurysm but that's not the problem, I also have cryp, n lots more things, my ent said for me to ask heart dr bout pots syndrome n I did n he said no way!! WHAT DI I DO CHEST HURTS CANT BREATHE N HARDLY EAT ANYMORE CAUSE I GET SICK, oh I have acid. Reflux copd. PLEASE HELP ADVICE R ANYTHING !!!

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Is there not anyone out there that will respond to me????? Please


Hi Tweety,

I'm sorry to hear that your symptoms aren't being addressed. I'm in the UK, and so obviously the system is very different, but I would revisit your doctor and ask again. If your pulse raises 30bpm or more between sitting and standing, it could give you some indication that it could be POTS. A doctor can refer you to a cardiologist or electrophysiologist to do a proper tilt test alongside ECGs, etc. to determine whether or not you have POTS.

Have they ruled out that the symptoms aren't being caused by the brain aneurism?

The STARS website is very useful and will give you much more detailed information on POTS and similar conditions stars.org.uk/


I told my cardiologist bout pots he refused to even talk bout it, n they said my aneurysm was affecting it I'm just so miserable


Hi Tweety,

It's very difficult to accept a difference of opinion at the best of times, but when it's your own opinion vs that of a doctor....well, that's a tough one! Could you ask your doctor to explain how the aneurysm is affecting your symptoms and get him to sit down with you and answer all of your questions? You clearly think he is wrong, but being calm and listening might help more than protesting.

I should write out a complete list of questions and try to keep it simple and factual. Book an appointment to see him.

A brain aneurysm must be incredibly worrying. Try to take this one step at a time perhaps and deal with the aneurysm as the big issue first. Once the aneurysm is treated, you can reflect on the other symptoms. An echocardiogram must have been done, along with a brain scan. This should show any blockages. An "arteriogram" could dislodge further clots perhaps - could this be why they won't do one yet?

POTs won't go away in the mean time if it truly is POTs, so don't waste time arguing about it. Concentrate on the treatment he suggests for the aneurysm and get that dissolved first.

If you have several other health issues there could be other things causing the symptoms of dizziness and fainting. Blood thinners, for example, may make you feel light headed. Stress can also cause acid reflux and yes, it feels like chest pain.

I think you sound quite justifiably worried and stressed. You deserve some time with your consultant to get answers to your questions. Good luck with it.


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