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today my new body weight scales told me I'm obese, here's the picture

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when your new scales ask you what your height is, then you know you are dealing with "smart scales". So smart in fact that after calculating my Body Mass Index (BMI), these scales discreetly announced my graduation from "over-fat" to "obese", when BMI is over 30. Information is good, and this information definitely woke me up.

As well as being overweight I have prescriptions for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A year ago my knees started hurting after driving for over an hour or so or riding the Megabus which is cramped. I can't touch my toes and feel winded easily. My clothes feel tight. That all adds up to some health risks.

What has happened in the last few years is that I got too busy to exercise, and moved house several times because of work. So I lost my routine, gave up my club memberships, could not get to my tennis group. I was also traveling a lot and driving long distances to spend time with my daughter, and eating fast food quite often. It's easy to get out of a healthy routine when you are running around just existing.

I'm going to make a plan for exercise and good nutrition and some other things, and spend some time getting advice from a fitness instructor. I'll post my plan next week.

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Welcome to the community Hidden! Great work deciding to switch up your lifestyle. Please come back and keep the community updated on your progress!

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