Which products do you use in bath and creams for skin help with dryness itching tightness general well being of skin???

All answers would be much appreciated thanks again guys x

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  • I use Burt's Bees hand cream on a night before bed - oil based and smells so nice very calming before bed. Other than that, I treat my hands/skin terribly - chalking them for training and lifting cold rough metal bars causing callouses/ripping skin and using drying antibac hand gel all the time.

  • Aveno, recommended by my doctor

  • After a lifetime of struggling to find a cream that works for me - I discovered Waitrose Baby Butter. It's truly the best cream I've ever used! Failing that I use Doublebase gel and Diprobase ointment. I'm an artist so my hands have taken tons of abuse over the years.

  • Diprobase and protopic, although I'm currently experiencing an episode of swollen eyes and itchy face and am terrified my face will begin to swell up aaarrrghhh

  • I use Balneum Plus cream for itch and moisturising my skin. prescribed by my Doctor. They also do the same product for bathing although I can only shower as I can't get in/out of the bath. I take antihistamines morning and night also on prescription th help with itch.....Cetirizine in the morning and Hydroxyzine at night. I have a wax bath and treat my hands most days as well as a good moisturising cream. Hope you find what works well for you. X

  • I use Sanex in the shower and avoid anything with strong perfume and chemicals. My worst skin thing is my feet and legs where the skin is darkened and tight. GP prescribes Dermol - similar to E45 - the label says for people prone to infections. You can use it as a soap too - my tight skin is a bit more comfortable after using it.

  • Aveeno daily skin moisturiser, Dermol 500 and in the bath Oilatum bath emolient and Sanex dermo hypo-allergenic.

  • I use Cetraben emollient cream it is so good and stops the skin itching. It was prescribed by a skin specialist when I was diagnosed with scleroderma 3 years ago and has really helped the itching. You can buy it from Amazon, however it is available on prescription.

  • Hi MEW53,

    Just wanted to let u know Cetraben worked for me.

    Now just need to sort tightness around knees out and do some bending and squaring.



  • Naila,

    Glad Cetraben worked for you. I have been using it every day for 3 years and it has made such a difference to me. As for the knees I have a couple of lavender wheat bags that I use to get parts of the body moving, once they are warmed up, the knees or neck move about a lot better when doing exercises.

  • Thanks guys will definitely give them a go... x

  • I use Neal's Yard hand cream at night. The smell's a bit strong but it works for me (and sometimes comes free with magazines!). Coconut oil also works for me.

  • Coconut moisture cream is good

  • I always use gist's milk soap and other goast's milk products. I swear by them

  • Hi,

    I know how itchy it can be. I think you just have to keep trying until you find what suits you. Oilatum products are good. The bath oil especially and the shampoo. Dermol is another I use all the time. The new E45 spray is very good. I find one can get it on and spread it without too much pain.

    I hope that will help you.

    Regards. Mark.