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Morphea - how to cope?

Hello, I developed morphea during my last pregnancy and have had it for nearly three years now. My torso is covered in marks - most look like bruises but some are the kind with white hardened middles. I feel very low about the way I look and have spent a long time not caring about myself or looking after myself. I am trying to change this and do exercise and lose some weight (not very overweight but would like to look better). I just feel so low about the way I look.

I have given the idea of ever being able to wear a bikini again, but I find it hard to dress in the summer as some of my patches are visible on my shoulders, chest and upper back. I just feel hideous and don't want anyone to see.

Does anyone else have this problem and how do you cope?

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I thought I was the only one feeling this way. Mine is mostly in my stomach and arms. So at work and if I wear sleeveless it quite visible. I tell myself daily that as long as I can breathe it's a good day and I will not worry about the bruises on my skin. So it doesn't bother me anymore. You have to think positive and yes exercise will help as well. Try and appreciate the little things in life and focus on them. The diagnosis of scleroderma and its impact is absolutely draining but we must keep fighting.


In recent years I've kept my legs covered all year round - scleroderma has completely changed them and they're quite a different colour from the rest of me. I can't get away with calling them tanned as the marks are very patchy. I wear long skirts or trousers all the time. Raynaud is a problem in the cold weather so I can hide warm leggings under my skirts and trousers which is a bonus.


My back is covered with these marks, some grey and some raised mainly white with the underlying tissue feeling lumpy. The only thing that seems to help is plenty of moisturiser, several times a day.


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