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Sports Injury

Calf strains

Hi im 54yrs old and have been suffering with a recurring calf injury for the past 4 to 5 yrs on and off,i do not run competively but would like to if i could train more but my constant injury will not allow it.i get the problem in both calfs sometimes individually,and together,and starts with a twinge at the back/side of the lower calf which i manage to uncomfortably run through,until i get a cramp like pain in my calf/calfs which stop me immediately.recovery period is usually 7 to 10 days using R.E.S.T,but recently taking longer,and each time i run im waiting for injury to happen again,to the point its getting me down and i feel i will never attain a decent standard because of this,could anybody help me with ideas/advise please,thankyou Dave

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Hi Dave, sorry to hear your finding it so difficult to get back on form.

has anyone ever taken a look at it professionally and suggested any further treatment?

it sounds like you potentially have a recurring muscle/tendon issue in your calf.

from the little you have told me I would encourage you to strengthen your calf muscles and tendons by using a time tested and proven method for strengthening, injury prevention and rehabilitation for calf injuries, in particular tendon injuries.

if you type in

"eccentric exercise Achilles"

to youtube the first video leads you to a 4 part series of exercises you should perform its essentially loading you tendon whilst lengthening and the standard protocol is 3x15 reps on each leg with knees bent and then again with knees straight.

but the video will hopefully go into more detail.

let me know how you get on! hope this helps!


Thankyou very much for your input,and i am willing to give it a try

My daughter and nephew both train,compete for our local athletic club,and a lot of coaches and athletes have gave me similar advice,more or less to strengthen the calf and surrounding muscles,and to exercise/train more on my toes to work and strengthen the muscles,this makes sense as because of the problems i have tended to run on my heals more and shuffle along ,stiff legged,because i feel running more on my toes as been aggrevating the injury,i have been beginning to think i have more than one problem as the pattern is always the same getting the pain in my lower leg first.around the side ,back of my shins,then eventually the cramp like pain in my calf

Thankyou again,will keep you informed

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Hi Dave,

Sounds like your pelvis or lower limbs may not be properly aligned, therefore causing the calves to work harder than they should, leading to cramp and pain.

You need to see an Osteopath.

Call me: 0792 100 4705