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Please help with my chronic pain :)

Hi, my name is Max Lancaster and I am an 18 year old seeking help for ongoing chronic discomfort in my lower legs and feet. If you feel you could be any sort of help please read my story!

Its been a year and prior to this I was a distance athlete, training nearly every day. Last October I began waking up with very heavy tight calves. My feet would feel very hot and irritated. I've explored the options of nerve damages but seem to be going nowhere. Also could it be vascular ?as my blood flow into my feet may be interrupted by overly dense muscle/tissue. I have naturally had very bulkey calves and it feels as is the muscles are not fresh and cannot relax properly as the muscle has become very tough and difficult to relax. I have explored the idea of chronic compartment syndrome CECS (even got surgery) and have gone nowhere with it. When I walk my feet feel like they are holding tonnes of weight so that feeling of light fresh legs... I have the opposite, and it's not gone away for a year and it's thrown me away from my sport and lifestyle(it's even really hard to stand). It's an orthopedic problem I feel but it is one that with the right physiotherapy, can maybe be improved. But I've been down that route and am growing tired.

Areas I feel may give me an answer might be:

- my biomechanics and pronation. I have a bouncy running style and a history of plantar fasciatus.

- Over conditioned calves causing abnormal development.

- muscularskeletal problems. (my inner muscles feel like they are growing solid like the bone.

- Back problems. I have lower left acute chronic back ache which comes down my hip flexor.

-Over stretching my leg muscles. I used to stretch hard and am very flexible consequenty, despite my calf tightness.

I question whether I may have some form of muscle pull from muscles which run from my back down my hip flexor, then calves and then reaching the feet, and the tension/pressure is offloaded in my calves. If you could give me any advice on any exercises or techniques I can do for this, any reccomendations or any helpful info in general I'd be so pleased. Thanks!!

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Hi max considering this is a pretty late reply, I really hope things have improved.

this is a slightly lazy response partly because it seems there is a lot going on.

instinctively I would probably say its more likely bio-mechanical however it might be worth a go putting on some compression stockings on whilst running as its had great results with vascular return and congestion of the calf especially in endurance type activity as you have described.

have you given that a go?


Sorry that I am a bit late replying, but have you thought that you should perhaps go to see a podiatrist, I had pretty much that and it turned out that my foot arch was too high and therefore whenever I ran ofwalked I streched my tendons, they could give you somehing simple like orthepedic insoles of they could at leat refer you to Someone more suited to treat your case.

Hope this helps