Spirited Lady Retreat

Welcome to Spirited Lady Retreat on HealthUnlocked

Welcome to Spirited Lady Retreat on HealthUnlocked

Hello and I'm so glad you're here. My name is Maisen and I'm the founder of Spirited Lady Retreat.

You're probably wondering why I started this community and picked that name for it. I have been recovered from my eating disorder for 14 years now. I also suffer from co-occurring conditions of OCD, BDD and major depression with some previous addictions thrown in on the side. It was a very long battle getting to where I am now and the support for all of these conditions was minimal at the time I needed help. Unless, of course, you had a lot of money to pay for special services. Access to a computer and an online community would have been welcome and a wonderful support during recovery.

During and after recovery I realized what a NON-life I had. Someone I know described it as being a "Dead Girl Walking" and what an apt title that is for how I was living. That was how the name "Spirited Lady" came about. I realized I had the spirit to live and the calling to help others achieve those same results with recovery, which became the "Retreat" part of the name. Someplace where you can retreat and get support from others who have been there and that "Get It".

My hope is that you will join me on this journey no matter where you are or what you need. Just knowing someone is there to turn to can literally save a life.

All people and contributions are welcome, no prior expertise is expected and every post is valued.

Introduce yourself and share your experience and knowledge with our community. We’re looking

forward to hearing from you.

Unfortunately Spirited Lady Retreat cannot give out medical advice. We provide the community for patient groups and members to share their health experiences and information. If you have a question, you should always ask your doctor in the first instance. You may also post for advice from other members.

In an emergency dial your local or national emergency telephone number. Never delay seeking advice or dialing emergency services if you are in a really bad spot. The people volunteering on these helplines really care or they wouldn't be there for you.