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Recently diagnosed with Sickle Thalassemia at 60

Hi, my name is Annette. I am 60 years old I live in a state that does not have an understanding or support group for SCD patients. I am currently looking for resources in finding a support group to help me and my family understand and educate others about SCD.

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Hi Annettemd, Living Life here. So sorry that it took so long for you to be diagnosed. Hopefully you'll find lots of help on this site, lots of friends and much love as ultimately we're all rowing this boat together. Was diagnosed at age 10 now 63. The Health Unlocked team is wonderful too.


Annettemd, forgot to suggest try Sickle Cell Warriors in case you haven't already done so and your local library and computer. Living Life


I,m gratiiful, 60 years without treatment things my life could be worse. Educating myself by researching SCD has been a blessing as this allows me to talk to family friends and coworkers about a disease that is heard of but not talked about. Thanks for resource.


annettemd, so grateful that you were finally properly diagnosed and not made to think you lost your marbles. Speaking to family and friends is a blessing to continue to shine the light on the subject that is still to far in the background. Hope suggestions pan out for you and anyone else who may read your story and subsequent replies. Blessings, Living Life.


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