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Face swelling

Do any other sickler face swell ? My face swells when im hurting for three to four days.

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My son's face swells along the jawline when he is in crisis. It looks as if he is clenching his teeth.


Peace Debradee2,

How old is your son? The reason I'm asking is to eliminate weather its crisis swelling or reaction from all these medications I've been prescribed. Im sure your aware that the older we get the more our body has a way of taking to us..Lol! Ms.Debradee looking as if he is clinching his teeth sounds about right when he is in pain. Thank you for sharing.


Hi face swelling is common when you are sickling in your jaws. It makes either one side or both sides swell. Still see your doctor to be sure. Best wishes.


Hi jo19, I have talked to my doctor about it. I'm go work on not stressing out about it. Thank you for insuring me..