Leakage from Rectum

Has anyone had leakage from their rectum that is yellow and white and like jelly. This happens frequently to me during the day and when I get up at night. I went to two gastriologist and they said it was constipation. However, I can had a bout with diarrhea and it stops one day and then returns. If anyone out there has had this please help me it is very annoying. Thank you may God continue to give you strength and take away this awful disease Belsie

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  • I have some related challenges since my last surgery which took another part of my colon and some of my rectum and other parts. I can't digest raw food anymore and when I need to poop it only happens about every 3 days. It starts as terrible pain for an hour or so and constipatuom, followed immediately terrible diarrhea for about 4-5 hours. I have fecal incontinence sometimes randomly which might be related to what you are having. Pelvic floor physical therapy helped me a lot because they taught me how to compensate for muscles that don't connect now and how to do colon massage and stuff like that. It really helped me. It might be incontinence not really leaking? Also, testing out what I can and can't eat now really helped me. Raw food makes me instantly sick so now I just avoid it. Wishing you luck!

  • Belsie, do you have a stoma? The rectum makes a jelly like substance to lubricate itself and aid in bowel movements. When I had a stoma for 7 months the jelly like substance would exit rectum a couple times a day. This is completely normal, but my doctor forgot to tell me about it! Even if you do not have a stoma your rectum is still going to be making this natural gel like lubricant. Your bowel surgeon or gastroenterologist should be able to give you more information.

  • Thank you for that information. You learn something new every day.

  • Thank you so much. But it feels like I am passing gas and this stuff comes out. Very gassy too

  • Yup, been there. Passed that!!!

  • What did you do to stop it! Thanks Belsie What causes it

  • When my ostomy was taken down I could poop normally again. However, since I had 14" of my large colon removed that meant I no longer had "storage" space in large colon so I now poop 8 or more times a day. I can live with that. It's manageable. I do not have IBS, so I can eat anything I want-- it just exits quickly. I have a tablespoon of powdered psyllium before or after every meal. This bulks up the stool. It sounds to me like you get constipated and pass gas which sends the colored "gel" OUT.

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