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After reading some of the posts, I decided to share an article about positive thinking that that was in the LV Sun yesterday. The tip that resonated with me was: Learn Something New. I taught myself how to knit, make jewelry and started an Etsy shop. I'm 69 (61 at diagnosis) now and I'm still creating new things. I suggest you look at CancerBiz.org, Etsy or Pineterest for the many ideas of entrepreneurs. You are welcome to look at my shop HealingTouches. I thrive on having something positive to do that keeps my brain working and helps or boosts others. All of the tips cited in the article to foster positive emotions were: Do good things for other people, appreciate the world around you, develop and bolster relationships, establish goals that can be accomplished, learn something new, choose to accept yourself, flaws and all, practice resilience and mindfulness (Las Vegas Sun 4/6/17). Can you find something useful for yourself in these tips?

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  • GREAT SUGGESTIONS After I was diagnosed I went to exercise and art classes I also took long walks It helps to get your mind off cancer every now and then, relax and enjoy your life

  • Nice!! Great additions for you.

  • Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing the Positive thinking post. Creativity is a wonderful & fulfilling outlet... and when you can share it with others, it multiplies!!

  • i find that being creative helps heals our hearts and connects us to life, to living. so happy for your passion!!

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