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New challenge on life's journey.

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I'm new today. I came to the group because of my anxiety of the unknown and my usual independence. I need a support system or group because I feel alone and vulnerable and have a lot of questions. I don't know a lot about my condition, I'm willing to learn and I know a lot of women have gone through this before so I know that we're going to be okay. But I want us to be good.

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Hi Fay

Welcome to the group. I felt just like you! I want to maintain my independence and don’t want to feel vulnerable. You can be in a room with hundreds of people and still feel alone. On this forum, you can ask questions, get support when you need it, learn from every one else who have been there and feel the positive vibes without having to explain. The ladies on here know how you feel, know why you feel it and get you through it.

I joined a week ago and I already feel a part of it- I can come to this site when I feel the need, ask questions, vent if I need to or just read everyone else’s reply’s and comments. I hope you will get the same from it.

Ask the questions you need to ask, these ladies have been there and done that!

I hope your treatment is going well, please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Much love


Thanks so much. ,☺️

You are in the right place. It's very overwhelming at first. Take this one step at a time you don't have to do everything at once. It might help to write down some of your questions and concerns. That way you will have something for reference as you talk to your doctors or ask questions here. You can definitely learn about your situation and I believe that the uncertainty of not knowing is very debilitating. You have made the first important step by joining this group.

Thanks. I think I came to the right place.☺️

Welcome to the group! Let us know what treatment u are on and any questions U may have...I’m one of a small handful not on Ibrance because I’m Her2+....but I’ll route u on! 😀💕

Thanks. I most certainly will.☺️

Triple Negative 😣

Welcome Fay! I am currently doing chemo for Stage 2 Invasive breast cancer and I recently lost lots of hair and shaved the Hair will grow back. I will be done in December. Looking forward to been rebuilt for my left breast. Please feel to ask any questions or concerns you may have.🙂

How are you feeling? Do you have any issues with the chemo? Is it IV or oral? I have so many questions I go back for my chemotherapy consult, therapy or treatment consult. I just been feeling so blue lately. Yes, hair will grow back. Maybe prettier 😉

Hi Fay. I just had my Chemo on Friday. 3rd treatment and 3 more to go. I feeling okay thanks. . I am getting my chemo through IV. However I don't take some or the oral presentations prescribed and my White blood count has been amazing. I am allowed to take fresh Ginger Root . Which works best for Pain and Nausea. I use accupuncture too. I don't let this bring me down at all. Sure I had a left breast mastectomy but I will get rebuilt in time. I still have my arms my feet. Still dealing with a broken foot from 2 years ago which stopped me from my workouts. However after labor Day I am getting back into shape and my workouts my I know I can do anything once my mind is set. My boyfriend has been really supportive too. I hope all goes with you. I know it's a journey but not so bad. I am sure you will get through it fine. 🙂

Thank you. Seems everyone on this site have challenges and they also have a very positive outlook. I think that's what I really need to hear that you feel like working out. I can go to a blue place very quickly and I'm trying to stay uplifted because I know it's a mind over matter. I'm going to look into Ginger. Thanks for the idea.

Your welcome Fay! Stay Positive and sunny🌞

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A great resource is the SHARE Cancer Support breast cancer helpline. All of the volunteers are breast cancer survivors and can offer support because they have been where you are now. In addition to the Helpline, if you want specific information on your type of cancer, we have a peer matching service which allows us to match you with someone who has a very similar diagnosis and/ or treatment. You can reach out 7 days a week from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm. The number is: 844 ASK-SHARE ( 844-275-7427). Our website has accurate and updated information, support group contact information and educational resources. You are not alone with SHARE.

Thanks. Triple negative.. Never had heard anything about it until biopsy results were back. I'll keep looking for a peer or someone who has been through treatment for ( 3-).

Hi Fay. I was diagnosed and treated for stage 1a triple negative breast cancer in my left breast in 2019. I was very lucky in that my tumor was very tiny and caught by my mammogram before anyone could feel it. I had a lumpectomy and an SNL biopsy on my lymph nodes followed by 20 rounds of radiation. Because my tumor was so tiny I didn't need chemo but with most women diagnosed with TNBC chemo is standard. TNBC is more rare than other breast cancer and usually happens in younger women even though I got it and i was 60 when I got mine. Because TNBC is not hormone related there really isn't any other treatments beside surgery, radiation and chemo. I think getting a breast cancer diagnosis was so scary. But for me I just decided put my trust in my doctors and to do what my doctors told me and join this group and asked as many questions as I could. Even though my tumor was tiny the surgery left my breast very deformed with a large scar and a large sunken area. But at least I still have my breast. A year later when my first mammogram was due after my treatments I was frightened again but remembered how it had saved my life before so got some courage and did it and all was well. My next mammogram is due in a couple months and I still get scared thinking about it. And to top it all off I was diagnosed with a large and deep malignant melanoma on my back this year! I had surgery to remove it just before the covid lockdown in March. The surgeon got it all out and now I have to go in to have my entire naked body checked for abnormal moles every 3 months for several years and then every 6 months after that for the rest of my life. So embarrassing for me but I'll do it just like my mammograms to try and catch anything early. I suffer from anxiety so am a worrier but I have found that for these cancers I decided to just enjoy whatever life I have and to keep having hope. The medical profession can do so much to treat cancers these days. And sharing with others your concerns and worries will help so much! I got kinda long here and I apologize for that.

Welcome Fay!

Feel free to ask any questions...You’ll find that even though we all have this disease...Life also still goes on...take the trip! Eat the cake! 😀💕

Thanks so much. I have so many questions but I will have more after I see my physician in a few days. I just think I need to hear that it's going to be all right. I love cake 🎂.

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