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**Warning picture included: Unusual condition-std?

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For the past few months I have been having sore throat, stomach issues, and a sort of sense of malaise. 3 months ago I had unprotected sex with a chick, felt weird after. I’ve been tested for every std in the window period-all negative.

I’ve been having stomach issues, where my stomach just growls non stop, back of throat is red. I also had a slight oral thrush. Also, constipation. Could this be some sort of

bacterial,parasitical infection?

CURRENTLY- there is a putrid smell coming from the groin area and my testicles are red. Also red streak marks that appear and re appear.

The doctors are calling me crazy. But I know something is up. PLEASE HELP. Pics attached.

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If a doctor calls you "crazy" you should consider changing a doctor! That is totally unprofessional

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