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Causes of Sexual Dysfunction


Endocrine Diseases: An example of endocrine disease is diabetes. It can cause a person to develop impotence. Diabetes affects the utilization of insulin hormone. A side effect of chronic diabetes is nerve damage. It impairs the flow of blood to the genital area and can affect the levels of hormone.

Neurological and Nerve Disorders: Nerves enable the brain to communicate with the reproductive system. Any damage to the associated nerves can forbid a person from attaining erection. Some neurological conditions that might lead to sexual dysfunction are:

Alzheimer’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Brain or Spinal Tumors

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy


Parkinson’s Disease

People, who have undergone prostate gland surgery, can also have nerve damage, which may lead to impotence. People, who ride bicycles for extended periods of time may also have to face impotence due to pressure on the genital area and buttocks.

Source: Zovon

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