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So I had my period on June 20th of this year and it had lasted 5 days. And it'd be the first one since I have gotten off the Depo shot. And me and my husband have been trying to have a kid on my fertal window. So we had sex alot to every other day . And it has been a couple days since my ovulation day. And my lower back hurts. I have tender breast. I am sensitive to smells like the left overs that are in my sink smell really bad to me now and I gag when I change the cats liter box now when I used to not. I have been tired more and wanting to sleep all day and I have been experiencing some stomach cramps. It's to early to be signifying that my period is coming . So could it be pregnancy? Is it possible since I have had one real period off the depo. And if it is pregnancy could misscarriage be very high?

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Might be but don't get your hopes up hun, had all these symptoms when I was pregnant with my daughter. It also might be a slight side effect of getting off the depo too x