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Worried, scared, pregnant? Paranoid?

I had unprotected sex with this guy that I saw seeing the day that my period literally ended which was 2 weeks ago will be three weeks on Saturday. And I know there aren't any chances of me falling pregnant because I had sex on the day that my period ended and after I had unprotected sex I noticed some bleeding and I had cramping days later (on and off). But it's stop. And recently I've been feeling weird, I've been sleeping ALOT which is unusual for me because I have been suffering from anxiety and it's also affected my sleeping, I've get easily tired and I can't stand up for too long because I feel dizzy. What should I do?

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Hi, if you have any concerns like this then you should either got to your GP or go to your nearest sexual health clinic, as can be found here: health services/LocationSearch/1847

It's just not worth the worry - and you should get checked out :)

Dr Webberley