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Swollen testicle (hit by a tennis ball)

Hello, I got hit by a tennis ball on my right testicle and it got swollen, my urologist gave me Brufen and some basic medicin. It's been 40 days now, the pain is reduced by 90% but I can feel the tube coming down to my testicle is stiff and swollen, it hurts if I touch it or pinch it! and also my testicle hasn't got back to normal in size. Doctor said you are normal the way I see and feel. But why isn't the swelling going down? And why do I feel my tube swollen and in pain (only)? My testicle is swollen but I don't feel any pain when I touch it or feel it but just that tube that hurts. Thank you for your help.

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I hope you get some help. God bless.