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I have a question I am 25 and I notice I do not produce sperm like I used to. When I ejaculate my sperm is not jelly like or white clotty. It comes out grey and white but does not look as white clotty to much or as jelly like as it used to. Also I only produce sperm on my first two orgasm which I must wait at least 2 days before being able to produce what seems to me an adequate but not a lot of sperm. Any ejaculations after my first two orgasm produce almost none unless I wait a couple days. Is everything ok? Should I see a doctor? I just feel maybe my pipes are blocked or something or maybe I’m just overthinking it I just hear my friends talk about how they bust huge loads 3-4 times in a day when I’m only able to produce one ok amount every 2 days.

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You can always go see a doctor, but unless you have any other symptoms they’ll probably just tell you to relax. Sperm production is one thing, so unless you’re checking every load under a microscope and notice a vast change in the number or quality of those little swimmers the real issue is semen production, the fluid that sperm needs to swim.

How often you ejaculate and lifestyle choices like diet and exercise affect that outcome. If you’ve changed any of those things lately, that could be why you are experiencing a different level of semen production. Keep in mind unless you’re watching, your friends may be exaggerating their prowess and, “your results may vary.”

I have had prostate problems periodically since I was a teen, and have gotten relief through prostate massage, hot baths and prescription medication. If you’re experiencing any pain in that area you might benefit from one or more of those things—although the prescription medication method my have undesirable side effects.

You can pay a doctor to massage your prostate or, if you have a willing partner, they can make it a more enjoyable experience. If you’d rather do it yourself, you’ll find what you need at an adult sex shop and/or plenty of information online to help. My doctor always recommended to take a hot bath and ejaculate to clear the pipes after getting a prostate massage. Needless to say, I was more than willing to follow my doctor’s advice.

Best wishes!

BobJensen in reply to Nick2U

Great advice.

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