Need advice

My testicular hurt i dont no what to do or say to the door terms as they not helpful

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  • Hi, You do not give much info' but I would advise you to see another Dr. If that is not possible try a Walk in centre.

    Good Luck

  • See a doctor right away. Things might get worse.

  • You sound foreign.

    Hope you manage to communicate to your doctor

  • Get to the doctor and tell him you have testicular pain. He'll take it from there. Whatever you do don't ignore it. If you need a referral ask to see a urologist. Good luck, Lumpa

  • Testicular pain may be caused by orchitis, epididymitis or prostatitis. You should go to see a doctor ASAP. You can get help since these infections can be cured by medications like antibiotics or herbal medicine called diuretic anti-inflammatory pill.