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Sensitive Issues for Men
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New guy from Northern VA, USA

In shape 60 year old male in Northern VA. Love to hike, bicycle, swim and walk. Have diabetes II (regulated with insulin and Janumet) with diabetic neuropathy, hypothyroidism, and recently diagnosed with episodic ataxia (being investigated for the cause). I try to keep in shape always. Interested in talking to other guys with similar issues and how they manage their situation.

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Hi Ed, I'm I the UK, I have one or two of the things you suffer with, Rheumatoid Athritis, Insulin dependant, RAYNAUDS, reneuropathy, fibromyalgia, ME and my latest one is Vascula Dementia, you just have to keep going lol even if it only for the kids. I'm on a multitude of tablets, about 30 a day plus 5 I insulin injections daily I don't pay for any of my medications, fortunately lol, that's because I'm a diabetic with Dementia, I'm only 57 I was diagnosed with dementia in Dec 2014 so now that it doesn't matter because there isn't a thing they can do to me lmao.

Take care and be positive and keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you've been up to lol.


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Good luck. Don't give up. Keep up with a positive attitude.