What other sensitive issues are people struggling with?

This is a great outlet to talk. Would like to hear what everyone is going through?

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  • Hemorrhoids - that I've had for ages and are not so bad as to need urgent treatment, just really annoying. And I don't want to bother my doctor with them because do you really want to put him and me through that unless strictly necessary (!), and I also haven't figured out whether fixing them would be covered on my plan.

    Plus they very hard to spell (thank you spellchecker!)

  • Ouch! Have you tried any of the home treatments?

  • Only when it's bad - cream from Walgreens. And it's worse when I'm dehydrated, so I try to keep fluids up.

  • 40 year old male would like info on male chronic pelvic pain and physical therapy

  • To get relief from Hemorrhoids you need to reduce the straining and the easiest way to do that is to shoot some water up the pipes to get things lose and moving and the best way to do that is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Primarily used for superior hygiene it can also be used to spray inside like a mini-power enema and get clean inside and out. Fast, convenient and efficient. See bathroomsprayers.com.

  • You may want to try "Hemclear" it's available on Amazon, it works. Read the reviews & make your decision but it worked for me.

  • If the wife loses interest in sex due to monotony or vaginal dryness during menopause phase , what should the husband do with an erected penis ?

  • Masturbate.

  • Did you do so ?

  • Yes.

  • Take care of the problem until things change. You have to keep blood flow going in your penis.

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