Week ends here Yeh

Week ends here Yeh

Hi to all - in the spirit of keeping our moods jocular and non too serious, I really hope everybody has a good, restful and peaceful week end. I know that may be asking too much when some people suffer a lot but even so optimism is always better in my book!

England are going to beat the Irish in the rugby !

The sun is going to shine - not!

I am off to Birmingham Snow and Rock to get my Xmas present from my lovely wife and thats a new pair of ski boots with the inner liner heat treated so that it fits my foot perfectly. (We are going skiing in mid March) and then an early evening meal before going to see Les Miserables at the pictures.

Makes a change from the pressures of work and decorating!!

Have a good one everyone.

Steve T

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  • What a lovely weekend.....have fun.......I'm working!!!!!

  • sounds fun weekend Steve hope you all enjoy it and you manage to chill :) ohhhhhhhhhhhh and do keep look out for Romany if you see her hide heheheee

  • heeeheee well thought i'd best warn them... lol

  • Now I am intrigued. Meet u Romany in the wine bar in the bullring. Orait ar kid. Ta ra a bit.

  • OooOOooO you'd want to hide Steve ....... she'll drink you all under the table heheehee ... :p

  • I looked at the dining room this week it looks tired and grotty

    This weekend I am repainting

    I intend doing the ceiling as well Though God knows how!

  • Good luck with that lol my whole house looks tired like you gawd knows how i'd do the ceiling hate ladders lol hope you manage to get it done :) if you get bored come do mine hehee....

  • Hope you all stay on a high for the weekend. I've been doing not too badly of late, but just when you aren't expecting it things go pearshaped again. My weekend started with a 5.00am walk in cold pouring rain over the local golf course accompanied by my happy old lurcher. RLS has benefits for some members of my family after all. Keep smiling lads and lasses, it's all we've got sometimes.

  • Yep it's back to the paintbrush for me Sunday. Hope the labyrinth it's stays away. Ceilings are a no go area then as looking up makes me fall over. Rather like a bottle of red wine actually. Lol

  • Or is it the bottle of red wine that is making you fall over Steve...? :-) I'd recommend painting ceilings BEFORE getting the wine out! Hopefully I will finish a whole house painting job this morning because we have a real estate agent coming to list a house for us. Then it's on to the 'fun' of Income Tax preparation for me. Enjoy the weekend all!

  • Last time I went skiing 37years ago i broke an ankle and I wasn't even on skis - be careful not to break a LEG ! I've made an executive decision it's too wet and cold to do the decorating - after all you need plenty of fresh air [ so I've always believed ].

  • I wonder if it is OK drinking red wine for RLS sufferer, how about a glass a week.

  • Got the boots and they are fantastic and look amazing. Didn't go to see Les Mis after all as we were both tired and it would have been midnight before we got home. My wife suffers with rumatroid arthritus quite badly and gets achy and tired easily so we came home, bought a couple of nice fillet steaks at Morrisons (not Tesco cause they might have been horse!) and I cooked a nice meal to eat in front of the telly, not that there was much worth watching. Oh yes and a bottle of red wine!,!!!

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