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Restless legs are worse from a foot massager


Why are my restless legs worse after using a foot massager? I got this massager to ease my restless legs. Instead, it’s worse.

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Which foot massager?I get great relief with a hammer style percussive massager.

Madnaz in reply to Madlegs1

ATMOKO Foot Massager Shiatsu with Heat, Electric Foot Massager Machine for Plantar Fasciitis, 26 Kneading Massage Heads, Soothing Massage for Foot Pain Relief, Blood Circulation, and Muscle RecoveryThat’s the foot massager I got only recently for both my husband and myself. My husband is diabetic and so I thought this will help us both. But every time I use it. My legs are worse. That’s why I’m confused as I read everywhere that massagers are good fir restless legs.

May I ask what your foot massager is called so that I can look into it please?

Sootired15 in reply to Madnaz

I bought one of those you put water in & set to different pulses. This was a few years ago. No way could I sit there & relax! I was gutted so I gave it to my sister. I'm unable to keep my legs/feet still during massage, acupuncture, reflexology, even a pedicure. It's a terrible thing & I feel for you. Having bought something you hoped would help, only to find out it doesn't. I hope you do find something. Good luck 🤞

Madlegs1 in reply to Madnaz

No name- just a cheapie from Aldi.

I reacted in the same way to a similar foot massager and put it down to the nerve endings in my feet being overstimulated. I also can't wear crocs for example as all the little rubber nodules on the footbed have the same effect. The cheap winter croc styles from Aldi are fine as they have a smoother footbed and are lined. Unfortunately we often only find this out by painful (and expensive) trial and error as we're all different and what works for some doesn't for others.

Me too. I bought a Revitive foot massager ( to increase circulation etc) as it mentioned it can help RLS. Every time I used it it made my RLS go crazy.

I then bought a Shiatsu acupressure yoga mat - same thing- I think anything that stimulates the nerves in my feet causes my RLS to go into overdrive.

My restless legs seem to get worse when the nerves in my legs are stimulated either by strenuous exercise, or massage.

Oh wow!!! I thought I must be going crazy and that I must be the only one going through this. As everywhere I read, they all say, massaging is good for restless legs. It must be the overstimulation of the nerves I guess. I won’t be using it again then, since it can make some people’s legs worse. It’s not a waste of money though as my husband is diabetic, so he can use it for his feet. I got it for both of us to use.

Thank you all for your replies. It really has put my mind to rest now. Although I do feel for you all too as I know how bad restless legs can get.

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