Restless Legs Syndrome

My RLS and Genetic Testing

My RLS and Genetic Testing

I have suffered with RLS since 1997. I was seen for what the doctor thought was MS, but came back neg at the time. He put me on Gabapentin. It has been increased, and I have been on it ever since. But also told RLS can be linked to Proteins in the Brain. SO. later, MRI again and told possible MS. My legs have nerve damage and pain can get unbearable. In 2015, I was sent to a Hematologist and they sent blood to a Genetic Ambry Lab, out of State. It took 6 weeks to get back. The doctor told me I had 2 Tumor gene Mutations for Pancreatic and Breast Cancer. It all started with my "legs", yet ended up with having a bad DVT/PE also in 2011. Do your Research, and see what can be related to this. My mother has a horrible time with her legs as well. She spent countless nights with pain and aching. She died of Pancreatic Cancer also. Just saying...... Make sure you are treated with something that will help your legs to relax at night. There has been a lot of Research done now, more than it use to be.

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I am a 79 yr old male. When I was 62 I had a ruptured colon and waited too long to go to the hospital and had a section of my colon removed and a colostomy bag put on my side for my bowel to work thru. That lasted 3 months and a reconnection operation was done. The section they removed was sent to a lab and inside that removed section was a cancerous polop.

I had prostate cancer at age 66, and at 68 had a cancerous tumor remove from my stomach wall. It was the size of a baseball. At age76 m prostate cancer reared its ugly head again. My doctor a Northwestern University Memorial Hospital in Chicago told me after the third tumor was removed that each cancer had been a primary tumor and that they were all fed by an over production of Tyrosene, which is saying it was genetically driven. He surmised from his experience that I had The Philidelphia Chromosome and had inherited it. When I first saw a neurologist for RLS they took a family history and when he found that all my mothers family, 9 girls and 4 boys all with severe RLS that it was genetically driven.

My son who is 58 has an occasional bought of RLS but his son, my grandson has a severe case of RLS. We have had accupuncture to no avail. The only relief we get is from Dopamine drugs or Opiates, which I take for chronic pain from fibromylgia, diagnosed at mayo Clinic in 1975 when i was only 38 years old. Iam a poor sleeper even when I get dopamine drugs and never sleep unless I have an Opiate to stop the nagging pain that is with me as a companion 24hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

You'd think withe all this I am a sick puppy, but my outlook has kept me working and managing a sick wife and helping all my extended family. However if I had known what I know now I would not have reproduced and at least not extended the life of a genenome I find repugnant.

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