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I on my third urologist since being diagnosed with prostate cancer. 1st retired, 2nd quit, I have been with my third urologist for three years. This will be the first time seeing him this year before only seen by NP. Is it common practice to see a NP instead of the doctor?

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Yes, that's their purpose. They are there to handle the easy stuff, freeing the urologist for the more challenging stuff.

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Thanks. So far mine has been easy, hoping it stays that way for long time.

I’ve always been pleased with NP’s and PA’s. They know their stuff and report to the doctor for more difficult concerns.

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NP's are becoming more common. My urologist has an NP. My wife sees an NP for the ENT she is going to. We both see an NP as a regular healthcare provider.

So far we have been happy with the arrangement. The NP's have been very knowledgeable and easy to work with. It is also easier to get an appointment.

We have found it is easier to get an appointment with an MD and be able to access care quicker with pre-tests and notes from an NP describing the situation and need. The Dr. then knows the situation.

So far we have been very pleased with the arrangement.

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Hey Ab75!

NP's and PA's are like doctors. Educate yourself about what you are being advised and how you are being treated for your particular case. I have known two NP's that are excellent and a PA that after a couple appointments we mutually agreed to part company. When I turned 65 I was shuffled to her rather than the doctor I had for several years. He was a part owner of the large practice bordering on a hospital, multiple buildings and so on. He once taught at Brown University. He and I did well together --the PA--not so well.


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Thanks for the advice

NPs are highly trained and I respect them. My niece is one. But I highly recommend you see an oncologist. My urologist had my confidence until one day he muttered he’d never seen a case like mine. SAY WHAT??? Got my tush to M D Anderson and think it was the best move I could’ve made. They see my kind on a daily basis. Yours, too, in all probability. I still see the urologist for periodic lab tests but travel to Houston to see the big dogs.

Good luck and God speed!

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I'm going to disagree with everyone here, NP and PA are fine for minor issues, but for a more complex issue I'm going to pass on them. Hubs had some complications after his RP and the PA was pretty much worthless in this regard. I had to push for him to see an actual physician. I have medical issues of my own and hate when I see a NP come in. Makes me want to stab my eyes out.

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