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Prostate Cancer Under 60 - Video and Support Group

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While most men are diagnosed with prostate cancer after age 60, the men diagnosed in their 30's, 40's and 50's have unique psycho-social, family, and economic challenges. Many younger men are reluctant to voice their special problems in groups where most men are in more mature stages of life. Malecare is a "young men with prostate cancer" advocacy pioneer since the early 2000's, having first broached these issues at major conferences, facilitating an early Yahoo support group and Facebook pages (prostate cancer under 50). Indeed, one of our Board members was diagnosed and treated during his early 30's.

Today, in collaboration with two of our community members, we initiate a new arm for supporting younger men with prostate cancer. Our new support group is called, Prostate Cancer Under 60 and is on our healthunlocked platform. It is a supplement - not a substitute - to our support groups. If you are a younger man or are a younger man's caregiver or family member, please click "Follow," at

Please watch this extraodinary video, too.

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