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It has been a journey...

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I wanted to finish my journey here. My husband passed away at home on Tuesday. I will miss him for the rest of my life. A big thank you to everyone.

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My best to you. I hope you have good memories to sustain you.

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I have wonderful memories! Thank you!

I’m sorry. Bless you as you begin a different phase in your life.

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Thank You!

I am so sorry for your loss and for the difficult journey the two of you have been through since your husband’s diagnosis. I’ve just read through your posts and I’m so sorry I have not been around the boards much in the last seven months while we enjoyed a brief “holiday” from treatment. You’ve obviously been a champion for your husband.

I wish you peace and send my deepest sympathy.

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Thank you so much!

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Your journey has been a long and hard one, as I read back through your posts. I am sure it was a journey for you both and perhaps for others. When I was told I would not outrun this disease,the news was sobering but also one that provided me with clarity.

I knew it would be a struggle but it was one I would share with my wife and family. As I am slowly shedding the guilt I feel for burdening them with this, I realize that we are all slowly accepting of the reality but also enjoying the time we have now. In the future, those memories of time together doing meaningful or silly and fun things will sustain them through their grief later.

I hope that your memories of your husband will do this for you and your family. While a painful journey, you survived and can now begin a new journey. I hope it is filled with much peace, health and happiness.

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Well said! Thank you for your kind response! This has been an interesting journey. I feel that I have gained so much as a person. I will always miss and love my husband. This has changed my life.

I am so sorry to hear of heart breaks for you but know how hard you both fought these last few months. May you soon find comfort in knowing that he knew how much you loved him and fought for him.

From one who has been where you are,

Take care of yourself now, it’s been a long tiring journey.

My deepest sympathies and prayers to you


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Thank You! Thank you for your kind and inspiring words!

I'm so sorry your lost, god bless you and your family

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Thank you.

I am so sorry for your loss. I know I wish I never had to read about a love one leaving this earth

I won’t ever say lost their battle because

I believe they decide when the fight is over not the damn C


Perfectly said. It was his decision! Thank you!

My heart is with you. I fear that time......

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